What You'll Learn:

Our goal is to provide plenty of individual and small group instruction, so you truly come away with skills you can build on. We are aiming to keep our camper to staff ratio at a maximum of 8 to 1. Our staff is drawn from the ranks of the most experienced rugby players and coaches in the country. You will be working closely with current and former women Eagle players and coaches, who are all well qualified to teach you about the game and how to have fun playing it.
Camp Founder Alex Williams
Rugby Skills
  • General individual skills (passing, tackling, reading the field, etc.)
  • Position-specific individual skills (lineout throwing, scrumhalf passes, etc.)
  • Sub-unit skills (back row plays, counter-attacking, etc.)
  • Unit skills (scrummaging, back attack off lineouts, etc.)

Strength & Conditioning
  • Core conditioning
  • Agility and plyometrics
  • Aerobic/anaerobic training
  • Strength training

Body Care
  • Nutrition for healthy women athletes
  • Basic injury care and rehab
  • Rest and recovery (including yoga as a body preservation tool)

Mental Preparation
  • Positive mental outlook
  • Assessing and reaching your rugby goals

Laws of the Game
  • Understanding the basic laws
  • Avoiding the most common penalties
  • Q & A session with a referee