2007 Camp Feedback

The 2007 inaugural camp, "Introduction to Rugby" for collegiate players, was a resounding success. Attendees had the following comments on their experience:

"I learned SOOO much with scrums, it was unbelievable!"
-- Jenn, University of Oregon

"I thought the camp was very well thought out and set up and the simple fundamentals were very helpful."
-- Kelly, Seattle Breakers

"The strength and conditioning segment was excellent and definitely needed for safety and improvement."
-- Cat, Utah Valley State College

"It was great to break everything down to fundamentals to see the little individual things you can do to be better in any game situation."
-- Shaina, San Diego

"I received really good feedback from the staff while playing in the scrimmage at the end of the day."
-- Heather, UC Berkeley

"I especially loved everything to do with body care and nutrition. I really loved it."
-- Maria, Chico State

"The one-on-one attention that I received is probably what helped me the most."
-- Maria, Chico State

"The Individual Positional Skills Session was excellent! So, so, so helpful and the instructors were great and knowledgeable."
-- Dani, Vassar College

"The mauling session was very helpful. It fixed my body position and placement and my decision-making."
-- Suzan, UC Berkeley

"I loved coming to this camp. I know it will help me and it has made me a heck of a lot better."
-- Anon

"I had a great time and learned so much from ALL the staff...I can't wait until next year."
-- Jenn, University of Oregon

"The excellent and helpful coaches were all obviously dedicated to teaching/playing the sport of rugby!!"
-- Anon